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Page last updated: 30 September 2022

XML Data File

File TypeDownload optionsNotes
XML XML-20221001-MBS (XML 7938 KB)File released on 28 September 2022, effective 1 October 2022.
Note: This file includes an amendment to pathology item 72814 to include testing of tumour material from a patient diagnosed with recurrent or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity, pharynx or larynx.

Viewing the XML
In order to view the XML you will need to right click on the document link (XML-20221001-MBS) and select the "save link" option. Once saved you will be able to open the document from it's saved location.

Exporting into Microsoft Excel
To export the XML into Microsoft Excel you will need to follow the below steps:
    1. Save the XML file to your computer
    2. Open Excel and from the toolbar select File, Open, find the XML you saved and select "open"
    3. This will import the XML file into a new worksheet. Select "as an XML table", click ok, then ok again.

MBS Book Creation

The Department of Health currently publishes the MBS Book in March, July and November each year. When publishing the MBS book for 1 July each year we publish the book in full form and by category both in PDF and Word format.

If you would like a complete list of all current MBS item numbers in the MBS Book format outside of this time, you may wish to use the create publication function at
http://www9.health.gov.au/mbs/createPublication.cfm. Further instructions on how to create this is available on the create publication page.

Note:Please refer to the how do I use the XML file assistance page for information on the XML file.
:Item Map, Item Descriptors, and Re-Use Item Map. These files are available on the Downloads page.