September 2020 Downloads

Files for September 2020 changes to the MBS

Page last updated: 15 September 2020

Further information on changes made in September 2020 is available from the September 2020 news page.

Data Files

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mbs-xml-200915a (XML 8,014 KB)File released on 15 September 2020.

This file incorporates changes to the descriptors for 12 items - 55126, 55127, 55128, 55129, 55132, 55133, 55134, 55137, 55141, 55143, 55145 and 55146.

mbs-xml-200915 (XML 8,013 KB)File released on 12 September 2020.

This file incorporates the 15 September 2020 changes to Cardiac Imaging Services

Further information is available on the September 2020 news page or the Cardiac Imaging factsheets page.

mbs-xml-200901 (XML 8,000 KB)File released on 28 August 2020.

Item 73343 was amended. For more information go to the Item 73343 factsheet page.

Descriptor changes for items 11705, 11729, 11730, 25025, 25030 and 25050 were made to align the descriptors with the relevant legislation.

Please note: The files listed on this page provide general information on the Medicare arrangements. These arrangements operate under the Health Insurance Act 1973 (as amended). These files are not legal documents, and, in cases of discrepancy, the legislation is the source for payments of Medicare benefits.

Note: Please refer to the how do I use the XML file assistance page for information on the XML file.

Note: Item map, item descriptor, and item reuse item map are available on the downloads page.