January 2022 Downloads

Files for January 2022 changes to the MBS

Page last updated: 13 October 2022

Further information on changes is available from the January 2022 news page

Data File

File typeDownload optionsNotes
XMLMBS-XML-220118 V1 (XML 8228 KB) File released on 19 January 2022

Note: The file includes the updated rapid antigen testing to expand the service described in item 93715, which is for the assessment and management of a person with COVID-19 infection of recent onset.
XMLMBS-XML-220101 V3 (XML 8228 KB) File released on 19 January 2022

Note: This file incorporates the 1 January 2022 changes and replaces the file released on 23 December 2021. The file includes temporarily reinstating 75 telehealth and phone services to enable practitioners to support their patients during the current increase in Omicron COVID-19 cases.
XMLMBS-XML-220101 V2 (XML 8110 KB)File released on 23 December 2021

Note: This file includes the new temporary MBS item that was introduced on 23 December 2021 to support medical practices providing vaccine suitability assessment services to patients who require booster vaccinations and a fee adjustment to items 55208 and 55211 to incorporate indexation.
XMLMBS-XML-220101 (XML 8109 KB)File released on 17 December 2021

Note: This file incorporates the 1 January 2022 changes, which includes minor administrative changes, continued telehealth arrangements, indexation to the fixed Extended Medicare Safety Net cap, Bulk-billing incentive changes, new items to support the suitability assessment for COVID-19 vaccine, a new item for cardiac MRI and the extension of temporary items to support the Governments response to the COVID-19 pandemic.