The January 2020 Medicare Benefits Schedule

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Page last updated: 26 November 2019

Current Update
The 1 January Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)XML file is available to download for more information go to latest news page.

Please note: The files listed on this page provide general information on the arrangements for the payment of Medicare benefits. These arrangements operate under the Health Insurance Act 1973 (as amended). These files are not legal documents, and, in cases of discrepancy, the legislation is the source for payments of Medicare benefits.

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Publications (Updated 18 October 2019)

Medicare Benefits Schedules (Complete MBS and MBS by Category)

PublicationPublication download optionsNumber of pagesNotes
Complete MBSComplete MBS-(PDF 11,580KB)
Complete MBS-(DOC 10,690KB)
Complete MBS- (ZIP 1,265KB)
Category 1 - AttendancesCategory 1 - Attendances-(PDF 3,522KB)
Category 1 - Attendances-(DOC 2,590KB)
Category 1 - Attendances- (ZIP 339KB)
Category 2 - Diagnostic Procedures Category 2 - Diagnostic Procedures-(PDF 1,074KB)
Category 2 - Diagnostic Procedures-(DOC 443KB)
Category 2 - Diagnostic Procedures- (ZIP 85KB)
Category 3 - Therapeutic ProceduresCategory 3 - Therapeutic Procedures-(PDF 4,598KB)
Category 3 - Therapeutic Procedures-(DOC 4,218KB)
Category 3 - Therapeutic Procedures- (ZIP 494KB)
Category 4 - Oral and Maxillofacial ServicesCategory 4 - Oral and Maxillofacial Services-(PDF 878KB)
Category 4 - Oral and Maxillofacial Services-(DOC 434KB)
Category 4 - Oral and Maxillofacial Services- (ZIP 77B
Category 5 - Diagnostic Imaging ServicesCategory 5 - Diagnostic Imaging Services-(PDF 2,100KB)
Category 5 - Diagnostic Imaging Services-(DOC 1,610KB)
Category 5 - Diagnostic Imaging Services-(ZIP 190KB)
Category 6 - Pathology ServicesCategory 6 - Pathology Services-(PDF 1,632B)
Category 6 - Pathology Services-(DOC 1,162KB)
Category 6 - Pathology Services-(ZIP 175KB)
Category 7 - Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate ServicesCategory 7 - Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Services-(PDF 626KB)
Category 7 - Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Services-(DOC 280KB)
Category 7 - Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Services-(ZIP 63KB)
Category 8 - Miscellaneous ServicesCategory 8 - Miscellaneous Services-(PDF 1,687KB)
Category 8 - Miscellaneous Services-(DOC 912KB)
Category 8 - Miscellaneous Services-(ZIP 144KB)
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Data File (XML) updated 29 November 2019

File typeDownload optionsNotes

XML help

Relative Value Guide (RVG)(TXT 16 KB)
MBS Historical Information Documentation

Item Map

Item Descriptors

Re-use Item Map

(PDF 661 KB)

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XML (7,822 KB)

ZIP (407 KB)

There were two new MBS Items introduced after the 1 November 2019 MBS XML was released (so they were not included in the November XML) but they were introduced in time for the MBS Book and MBS Online. These items have been incorporated in the January 2020 XML. These Items are:
■ MBS Item 73336 to expand testing of the BRAF gene to all patients with Stage III and Stage IV metastatic melanoma; and
■ MBS Item 73832 to ensure that the same requirements apply as for the performance of item 73805 (effective date 1 November 2019).
The Department has upgraded the IT systems underlying the MBS, which has necessitated some minor updates to MBS on-line. These updates improve clarity for users but do not affect the way these MBS Items can be claimed.