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Information to assist with the files used on this site.

Page last updated: 24 December 2008

Document formats

Most documents on MBS Online are available in PDF (portable document format) or RTF (rich text format). You need the appropriate software installed on your computer to view documents in these formats.

PDF documents

To view PDF documents, you must have Adobe® Reader version 6.0 ® or Adobe® Acrobat version 6.0 ® or a higher version of the reader installed on your computer. The Adobe® Reader® is free and may be obtained by clicking on the following graphic and following the download and installation instructions.

RTF documents

There are many programs available on the internet for viewing RTF files. One of these programs is Microsoft® Word® or the Microsoft® Word Viewer®, which is available to download for free from Microsoft.

If an RTF document is very large, the Department of Health and Ageing will compress the file and make it available in a Zip archive.

Zip archives

Zip archives are wrapper documents that may contain one or more other files. The files in these archives have been compressed. If the Department of Health and Aging considers an RTF document to be too large for convenient download, the document is wrapped in a Zip archive to decrease the download time.

There are many programs available on the internet for accessing Zip files. One of these programs is UltimateZip, which you can obtain for free from - UltimateZip

Downloading documents

The easiest way to download a document is to right-click over the file and select 'save target as', then select where you would like to save the document. When accessing large documents (over 500 KB in size), it is recommended that the following procedure be used:
  • Click the link with the RIGHT mouse button
  • Choose "Save Target As.../Save Link As..." depending on your browser
  • Select an appropriate folder on a local drive to place the downloaded file
Note: Attempting to open large documents within the browser window (by left-clicking) may inhibit your ability to continue browsing while the document is opening and/or lead to system problems.


The Department of Health and Ageing is not affiliated with any of the software vendors listed on this page. It does not guarantee any downloaded software is free from bugs. The user downloads and uses these programs at the user's own risk.

There are more FAQs available from the FAQs page.