Telehealth: Specialist video consultations under Medicare

People in telehealth eligible areas of Australia have access to specialist video consultations under Medicare. This provides many patients with easier access to specialists, without the time and expense involved in travelling to major cities.

Page last updated: 08 May 2014

  1. Guidance on Technical Issues

    This page provides information which has been summarised from the Uniquest Report commissioned by the Department and does not reflect the Department's position necessarily.

  2. Changes to Telehealth

    This page contains fact sheets outlining adjustments made to specialist video consultations funded under Medicare.

  3. Program Overview

    This page provides an overview on Medicare rebates for Specialist video consultations.

  4. Program Guidelines

    This page provides information on the program guidelines which have been developed to provide guidance to practitioners and residential aged care facilities who are considering providing telehealth services to their patients or residents.

  5. Telehealth Eligible Areas

    This page provides information about telehealth eligible areas which are geographical areas of Australia where patients can receive specialist video consultations under Medicare including residential aged care and Aboriginal Medical Services

  6. MBS Video Consultation Items

    This page provides information on the Medicare Benefits Schedule video consultation items.

  7. Questions and Answers

    The following questions and answers have been prepared to assist patients and those providing specialist video consultations under Medicare.

  8. Technology and Technical Considerations

    This page provides information on technical considerations for video consultations, including the Uniquest Report.

  9. Consultation documents

    This page provides information on consultation documents for the program and technical standards.


    This page provides information about how to extract telehealth statistics from the Department of Human Services (Medicare Australia) website and provides high-level statistics on the take-up of telehealth from 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2016.

  11. Contacts

    This page contains contact numbers if you require more information about eligibility and payments.

  12. Guidance on Security and Privacy

    This page provides information taken from the Uniquest Report which was commissioned by the Department to provide advice on security, privacy, interoperability and technical requirements for a broad range of telehealth services, noting that they will be dependent on individual clinical settings and requirements and does not necessarily reflect the Department's position.

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