MBS Online has been revamped

This website has been enhanced to improve the user experience based on feedback from MBS Online users.

Page last updated: 07 October 2008

The MBS Online website has been subject to a major upgrade to improve the appearance and functionality of the site. In keeping with government policy, the website administrators are committed to providing sustained optimum service to users of MBS Online.

The 2007 website improvements include:

  • Of particular benefit to users is the vastly improved Search facility, which now incorporates an Advanced Search mechanism along with a wider choice of search-string options.
  • The information boxes on the Welcome page are dynamically updated to provide the latest news and file-download information.
  • The horizontal navigation bar and re-styled tabs make page selection easier.

The MBS Online team welcomes feedback and suggestions from MBS Online users are invited and may be submitted by emailing the MBS Online Team at mbsonline@health.gov.au.