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Software files for May 2020 changes to the MBS

Page last updated: 22 May 2020

Current Update
The May 2020 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) XML file is available to download. For details visit the 22 May 2020 Latest News page.
Additional information on changes for May 2020 is available at the May 2020 News page.

Please note: The files listed on this page provide general information on the arrangements for the payment of Medicare benefits. These arrangements operate under the Health Insurance Act 1973 (as amended). These files are not legal documents, and, in cases of discrepancy, the legislation is the source for payments of Medicare benefits.

Click here to find out what legislation covers the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

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1 May 2020 Data File (XML) last updated 22 May 2020

File type
Download options
XML File created to include nine new COVID-19 items(file mbs xml 200522).
Previous edition of xml attached(mbs xml 200519) highlighted three DI items deleted from 1 May 2020.

For assistance on using the XML please refer to the XML FAQs.
Relative Value Guide (RVG)RVG 191101 File (TXT 17 KB)Last updated 11 November 2019
MBS Historical Information DocumentationMBS Historical(PDF 661 KB)
Item MapItem Map 200519(TXT 4,591KB)Updated 19 May 2020
Item DescriptorsItem descriptors 200519(TXT 5,040 KB)Updated 19 May 2020
Re-use Item MapRe-use item map 200519TXT 18 KB)Correct at 19 May 2020

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