Measure Up - Improving awareness of obesity related diseases

Information relating to the Measure Up campaign

Page last updated: 28 April 2009

Measure Up—improving awareness of obesity related diseases

To help tackle obesity the Australian Government launched the Measure Up campaign in October 2008. Measure Up encourages Australians to measure their waist circumference to determine if they are one of the many Australian adults at risk of developing a serious lifestyle related chronic disease. The campaign provides people with information and tips on how to lower their risk by eating well and being physically active

As a result, you may have found more patients at your practice asking you about their waist measurement or weight, and how this can affect their health.

The campaign focuses on the following waist measurements to help people assess their risk of developing some lifestyle-related chronic diseases such as some cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Risk factorWaist measurement
Increased riskmore than 94 cm
Greatly increased riskmore than 102 cm

Risk factorWaist measurement
Increased riskmore than 80 cm
Greatly increased riskmore than 88 cm
Important: the waist measurements above are recommended for Caucasian men, and Caucasian and Asian women. Recommended waist measurements are yet to be determined for all ethnic groups.

If a patient asks about the campaign, you can direct them to the campaign’s website, where they can order a tape measure, booklet, and posters, get tips on healthy eating and physical activity, and download a 12 week planner to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle.

You can also order materials for your practice from including posters, information booklets, paper tape measures for patients and practice detailing cards.